Lab: Build Secure Containers with Docker and Snyk

Welcome! This lab will demonstrate a workflow using Snyk Vulnerability Scanning integrated into Docker Desktop and the Docker Hub Container Registry.

Lab Meta

Difficulty: Beginner

Time: Approximately 20 minutes

As part of Snyk's partnership with Docker, Snyk is integrated into Docker Desktop and Docker Hub. This lab takes you through a developer workflow demonstrating how Snyk and Docker help you build securely with Docker Desktop and provide visibility into Image Security to other SDLC stakeholders via Docker Hub.

You will complete the following exercises:

  • Build a sample Docker image and Push it to Docker Hub

  • Enable Security Scanning in Docker Hub and evaluate the results

  • Use the Docker CLI to review and act on Snyk security recommendations


A Snyk account is not necessary, however, you can only scan 10 times without logging in. Run docker scan --loginand sign in with Docker ID to unlock 200 free scans per month.

Check your installation by running docker scan --version, it should print the current version of docker scan and the Snyk engine version.

docker scan --version