Section 1: Find Vulnerabilities

Let's start by importing the forked Goof repo into your Snyk account to scan it for vulnerabilities.

Step 1: Configure Snyk's GitHub Integration

If you've already configured the Snyk GitHub integration, continue to Step 2.

First we need to connect Snyk to GitHub so we can import our Repository. Do so by:

  1. Logging in to Sign up if you haven't already.

  2. Navigating to Integrations -> Source Control -> GitHub

  3. Fill in your Account Credentials to Connect your GitHub Account.

Step 2: Import the forked Goof Repo into Snyk

Now that Snyk is connected to your GitHub Account, import the Repo into Snyk as a Project.

  1. Navigate to Projects

  2. Click "Add Project" then select "GitHub"

  3. Click on the Repo you forked.

Step 3: Explore your Repo's risks

When the Repo imports, Snyk has found the package.json file where open source components for our Goof application are declared. We can see that they contain 60 vulnerabilities, including 31 High Severity ones! 😳

Before we start fixing Vulnerabilities, remember that our PROD branch contains the Production-ready version of the code. In the next section, we'll implement a Snyk Gate designed to "stop the bleeding", preventing any new vulnerabilities from making it into that branch.