Snyk account

Our first step is to create a Snyk user account. If you don't have an account you can create a free account by visiting our signup page. This requires authenticating with GitHub, Bitbucket, or Google.

Docker Hub account

Docker Hub is a popular public facing registry for container images and we will use it during our exercises. If you need to create an account please visit the signup page.

Snyk supports all registries including GCR, ECR, ACR, and JFrog Artifactory. Instructions for those registries can be found at the Snyk container documentation.

Source code repositories

Snyk works where developers work! In this guide we will use git to fork our sample application to your GitHub account and then clone the repository to your laptop. To learn more about GitHub visit the getting started link below.

The instructions in this guide will use GitHub.

Additional developer tools

We will use the following tools to build our sample goof application into a container image and upload the image to Docker Hub.

Dev Tool




Clone sample application goof


Node runtime

Required during the hands on workshops


Docker Desktop

Docker to create container images.


Demo Git repositories

We use the following sample application goof which can be found in the Snyk GitHub repository. Please visit the repository below and use Fork to fork the repositories to your GitHub account.

This repository is forked.