Snyk account

Step one is to create a Snyk user account. If you don't have an account you can create a free account by visiting our signup page. This requires authenticating with GitHub, Bitbucket, or Google.

Source code repositories

Snyk works where developers work! Snyk is integrated into the development toolchains used by software developers. To make the best use of your time we suggest you have knowledge or experience with one of the git solutions below. To learn more about each solution visit the respective getting started links below.

The instructions in this guide will use GitHub to demo the integration.

Additional developer tools

If you want to enable security through the complete toolchain we suggest having knowledge or experience with these technologies. To learn more about each of these technologies visit the getting started guides for each technology.

Dev Tool




Manage interaction with Github


Node runtime

Required during the hands on workshops


Snyk CLI

Using Snyk CLI for Developers: Demo Video (10:43 mins)



Manage & install Git & Snyk CLI (Optional installs exist for Snyk CLI )


This guide will focus on the Snyk CLI. The other integrations will not be covered.

Demo Git repositories

We use the following GitHub repository to demo Snyk. Please visit the repository below and use Fork to fork the repositories to your GitHub account.

This repository is forked to ensure PR checks and remediation occur on your branch.