Synk reporting

Reporting offers data and analytics across all of your projects, displaying historical and aggregated data about projects, issues, dependencies, and licenses. Data is displayed based on the organization in which you are working, and you can filter this data with different parameters depending on the tab you're viewing

For details on all the features of reporting please see the Snyk documentation‚Äč

Reporting is only available in a paid plan. If you are completing this guide on a free plan please feel free to review this content.


When managing a large number of applications in an organization it is extremely challenging to know how open source vulnerabilities impact your application inventory. This is a strength of Snyk's reporting as it acts as a Bill of Materials (BOM) to quickly and easily identify which projects have a specific version of a dependency.

The report below identifies each individual open source dependency by name along with version, vulnerability, and related project. You can filter the report to show your BOM for the Goof project. For a full list of details on dependency reporting please review the Snyk documentation.


The Licenses area displays all licenses that are currently used in your project, as well as a summary of all dependencies in your projects and a summary of all of your projects using the license. For a full list of details on license reporting please see the Snyk documentation.